The mission of the 14 Days Project is to provide a greater awareness of the global community through the unique marriage of extraordinary film and photography; allowing everybody to develop their own ideas for creating lasting and meaningful change. Building a bridge to the world around us by listening to others tell their own story. The result. Connection. Connection of people from around the world, all over the world, and forever.

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In loving memory - Ben Pritchard

We are so very sad to announce that our beloved friend and colleague Ben Pritchard left us recently. Farewell to a dear and sweet man who touched our lives so deeply. Our heartfelt condolences goes out to his family and friends. His passing is not his end; he lives on in all our hearts and will always be an extraordinary part of this project called 14 Days.

This wonderful project and its beautiful imagery both in stills and film is dedicated to Ben who was intrinsic to its success. We had the honor of spending time with you but it was not nearly enough.

"Your brilliance and passion for life will be missed by us all"

David William Gibbons, Richard Knapp, Dana Hursey - June 2007

Memorial for Ben Pritchard

We recognize the effort and travail that creating worthwhile films requires; we recognize the talent and hard work that characterized Ben Pritchard. Through unsurpassed dedication and effort, Ben earned the respect of everyone with whom he worked. Though he traveled the road fame and fortune for only a short time, the promise of this young, energetic, and talented man was clear to all who knew him. Ben’s contribution to the two 14 Days documentaries is etched in the memories of everyone who worked with him. As a colleague of ours in the Mad Brit film organization, we honor him.